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  • A favorable comprehensive evaluation of an unsolicited proposal does not, in itself, justify awarding a contract without providing for full and open competition. The agency point of contact shall return an unsolicited proposal to the offeror, citing reasons, when its substance-
  • Is available to the Government without restriction from another source;
  • Closely resembles a pending competitive acquisition requirement;
  • Does not relate to the activity’s mission; or
  • Does not demonstrate an innovative and unique method, approach, or concept, or is otherwise not deemed a meritorious proposal.
  • (b) The contracting officer may commence negotiations on a sole source basis only when-
  • An unsolicited proposal has received a favorable comprehensive evaluation;
  • A justification and approval has been obtained (see 6.302-1(a)(2)(i) for research proposals or other appropriate provisions of subpart 6.3, and 6.303-2(c));
  • The agency technical office sponsoring the contract furnishes the necessary funds; and

The contracting officer has complied with the synopsis requirements of subpart 5.2.


information it 8

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