introduction to tools and resources and the history and study of psychology

introduction to tools and resources and the history and study of psychology.

Following are instructions for the short assignment due in this module. You will submit in in the assignment submission folder that follows this page.

The purpose of this assignment is to explore tools and resources that can contribute to your academic success in this course and in your study of psychology.

First, review each of the following resources:


  • Merriam-Webster. (2017). Merriam-Webster dictionary [Online dictionary]. Retrieved from
  • Strunk, W. (n.d.). The elements of style [Searchable online book]. Retrieved from (This resource will give you some dos and don’ts for your writing.) Note: Alternatively, here is a copy of the book that you can download for free: Strunk, W. (n.d.). The elements of style [Online book]. Retrieved from…
  • (2017). Grammarly [Free grammar checker]. Retrieved from
  • The OWL at Purdue. (2017). Welcome to the Purdue OWL [Family of web pages]. Retrieved from Note:The Purdue OWL site is one of the best ones around to help you understand formatting and style.
  • NLU. (2017, January 30). Writing resources [Help & research guides]. Retrieved from Note: Pay particular attention to the Writing Process, Citing sources and Avoiding Plagiarism sections.


  • NLU. (2017, March 27). APA style [Help & research guide]. Retrieved from
  • EB Communications. (2009). [Formatting wizard]. Retrieved from


  • NLU. (n.d.). Evaluating sources [Tutorial]. Retrieved from….
  • NLU. (2017, March 6). The research process [Help & research guide]. Retrieved from Note: In particular, review the Evaluating Sources section of the guide.

Once you have reviewed these resources, write a paper that briefly addresses the following:

  • Select and list your top two to three resources and tools.
  • Explain why you chose these resources in particular.
  • Explain how you would use them to complete the assignments in this class, including the final paper.

Your paper should be 250-500 words ( one to two pages in length),Employ APA style and double space, indent paragraphs, cite references within the paper and at the end in a reference section.


introduction to tools and resources and the history and study of psychology

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