jainism discussion

jainism discussion.

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Jainism Discussion

Answer the following questions on Jainism:

1. Why do you suppose the story of religion is a story of dialogue (with what comes before it) and building blocks (providing a foundation for what follows)? In short, it’s clear that religion does NOT exist in a vacuum, nor does it develop ex nihilo (“out of nothing”). Give a few examples and explain.

2. What does it mean in Jainism to act as little as possible? Why is it important to a Jain? How is it related to the 3 ethical pillars?

3. Describe the heroic feat of self-liberation through extreme asceticism as espoused by Jainism.

4. In what way did Jainism influence both Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr.?


jainism discussion

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