Literature Review II

Literature Review II.

  Assignment 3: Course Project Task IV
Literature Review III
As you complete your literature review, it will then be time to organize the wealth of information you’ve acquired into a suitable format for proceeding with the next phase of the project—developing the content for the Microsoft PowerPoint presentation that will be due in Module 7.
Develop a two- to three-page outline of your presentation in Microsoft Word document format, paying particular attention to the content you’ll include in your literature review. You will receive feedback from your course facilitator regarding the depth and breadth of content coverage, so be specific.
Download the essential components of your presentation outline. However, you should remember you will likely need additional slides and topics or subtopics, even within these required components. At this time, you will have less detail to submit as compared to the specific content of the second half of the presentation, which will be covered in more detail during the Course Project Tasks in Modules 5 and 6.
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Literature Review II

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