Mini-Essay #4

Mini-Essay #4.


According to each one of the authors this week, what are the particular challenges enslaved women face? How do they prove that enslavement is worse for women? Then, think about the intended audiences of each of these texts (they are similar but the communicator’s methods vary) and the message they are conveying to them. What methods or proofs do they use–emotions, logic, credibility, evidence, tone, or some combination–to make their major points? Be sure you point out examples from each text for this week.

    Lecture #8

    Phillis Wheatley, On Being Brought from Africa to America
    Frances Ellen Watkins Harper, The Slave Mother
    Sojourner Truth, Speech to the Womens Rights Convention
    Harriet Jacobs, from Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl


ENGL American Literature
The Norton Anthology American Literature 1820
The Norton Anthology American Literature 1820-1865

ISBN #: 9780393264548


Mini-Essay #4

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