Pharmacotherapy Review: This paper should be a review of one currently used medi

Pharmacotherapy Review: This paper should be a review of one currently used medi.

Pharmacotherapy Review: This paper should be a review of one currently used medication for the treatment of one psychological disorder. The purpose of the paper is to allow each of you to become an expert in one pharmacotherapy and one area of psychopathology. Please note that topics are limited to the general categories of one of the following antipsychotics, ADM, stimulant treatment for ADHD, “mood-stabilizers” or anticonvulsants. The research paper should adhere to the following format (using the headings 1-7 listed below) and use either AMA or APA guidelines for manuscripts: 1. Abstract: A summary of FDA approval for the drug (including the approximate date for approval, approved treatment usage, a brief list of side-effects and contraindications). 2. Introduction: Contemporary theories regarding the biological basis of the disorder (very important) and what is known about the history of drug development (less important). 3. Preclinical Studies: (a) Animal-experimental, preclinical evidence. Try and provide at least one animal-experimental citation and briefly describe the methods and results. I recommend using the search terms “rat” and “behavior” in your Medline or PubMed search. (b) Also try and include Phase I and II clinical trials (small “first-in-human” trials to get information on safety and dose ranges). 4. Clinical-trials evidence and long term studies: At the very minimum, you need two Phase III clinical-trial citations. You will be graded based on how clearly you’ve described the methodology and results of these investigations, and how critically you have examined the methodology, results, and conclusions. For example, is there any discordance between the results and conclusions? Do non-industry funded trials, and particularly meta-analyses, draw different conclusions than industry funded ones? Have any Phase IV long-term trials (e.g., 12 months or more) been conducted and what do they add to our knowledge base? Are there any epidemiological studies that have attempted to address long-term outcomes? 5. Drug Comparison: Compare the topic drug to any other drug used for the treatment of one particular psychological disorder (e.g. if the topic drug is Prozac, compare the effectiveness of Prozac to Paxil for the treatment of major depression). I expect you to find at least one citation for this section. Try to do a more systematic search so that you could examine any trends regarding a possible “funding effect” (e.g., are the studies comparing Paxil and Prozac that suggested greater efficacy for Paxil funded by Pfizer?) Search the Cochrane database to see what conclusions independent researchers have made regarding efficacy and safety. 6. Discussion: In your opinion, address the benefits and drawbacks of the topic drug and whether you would recommend this drug in treatment. Are there social justice issues that have not received adequate attention? (e.g., Although this is your chance to express your opinion, I expect that as good scientists, your argument will be solidly based on the evidence you’ve uncovered, and try your best to avoid 1st person statements. 7. References: You may cite journal articles, books, popular literature or film, or websites. Please cite at least six different experimental articles from peer-reviewed scientific publications. Your paper should be approximately 15 pages, not including references, however, the length of this paper is not absolute. Grading is dependent upon how well you have adhered to the pre-established guidelines for the papers, the quality and detail of the information conveyed, and how well the paper reads. Please clearly and carefully explain technical details. You may work in groups of 2-3. I am happy to assist you with search tips for the lit review but also please note that our research librarians are excellent and will be more helpful.

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Pharmacotherapy Review: This paper should be a review of one currently used medi

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