please explain for me eliza wharton s overall concept of love

please explain for me eliza wharton s overall concept of love.

In Foster’s The Coquette; or, The History of Eliza Wharton: A Novel Founded on Fact. By a Lady of Massachusetts, please explain for me Eliza Wharton’s overall concept of love.

Explain your answer in detail and use specific examples from the text. Remember: to cite and reference any sources that you may use, including the primary text itself.

Use MLA formatting and standards.

All the readings are linked below. you will shape all of your posts by following this Paragraph Plan!! ( Specific requirements in the attached file)

Read Foster, The Coquette and/or listen The Coquette, Or The History of Eliza Wharton.

To begin, you might want to select key quotes that you found interesting while reading. Once you get those quotes in place, complete the paragraph plan by filling out your main idea (also known as topic sentence) and then, your analysis. Once you have your body paragraphs in place (2-3), examine those paragraphs. Use those paragraphs to craft your thesis and introduction. Once the introduction and body paragraphs are in place, move on to writing your conclusion. At that point, you are reading to proofread and to ensure that your MLA citations are in place.

For this week, Google ‘American Romanticism.’

it is important to begin your work with good, working definitions of the key terms and concepts for each week. You may use Wikipedia as a starting place, as that source offers a great list of further references. Be sure to explore those additional references and resources provided on all Wikipedia pages until you find a definition that makes sense to you and puts the term or movement in context. You may also choose to include the terms and their definitions in your paragraph plan.

In that case, your paragraph might look like this:

main idea/

definition cited in MLA format

quote from the literature to show that definition and main idea in action

analysis to tease out the connections you’ve made with the main idea and evidence

Please note that you need to cite your source in MLA format!!!!!!!!!

all facts have to be cited, like in the open–sentimental ballad…connect all facts to a source to show the reader your research trail–mandatory in MLA format And be sure to pay attention to announcements–line numbers required for poetry…and for each week,the paragraph plan is our format, so analysis after evidence Again, focus more on choosing your own quotes and making your own case and less on the supplemental research


please explain for me eliza wharton s overall concept of love

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