questions are in the requirements

questions are in the requirements.

In William Doyle’s The French Revolution: A Very Short Introduction, read Chapters 2 and 3 (pp. 19-64).Chapter 2pp. 19-34. In this portion of the book, Doyle discusses the long-term reasons for unrest in France during the late 1780s. Summarize briefly ALL the reasons for unrest he lists, and assess which reason for unrest seems MOST important to you.pp. 34-36. Here, in the section titled”Pre-Revolution,” Doyle discusses the failure of the finance minister’s plan to restructure the government of France. What were the results of this failure?Chapter 3pp. 37-38 “Electoral Politics”. In 1-2 sentences describe the initial problems of the Estates General.pp. 39-41 “National Sovereignty”. In 2-3 sentences, evaluate what difference that proclaiming the National Assembly “sovereign”made.pp. 42-44 “The First Reforms”. In 2-3 sentences, assess the importance of these reforms of late summer and fall of 1789.45-52. The Polarization of France. Describe each of the issues which Doyle claims polarized France. Which of these issues seems most important in furthering the revolution, and why?52-58. “Civil War and Terror.” Describe the terror. Did the terror achieve its purpose? In the .pdf file for the week, there are five sources for you to read. The first three (Travels in France, Cahiers–Discontents, and What is the Third Estate) are primary sources written very shortly before the Revolution began and all three show the problems in France before the revolution began. The last two sources–Abolition of the Feudal System and Declaration of the Rights of Man and citizen–are also primary sources, but are legislation passed by the National Assembly in August-September 1789.In 2-3 paragraphs, please discuss how well the legislation acts on the problems and complaints found in the first three sources. Did the National Assembly seek to remedy the ills of the French people and government? How did these two pieces of legislation address the problems? (30 points)



questions are in the requirements

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