research on social change

research on social change.

One of the ways that we explore social change is by tracking people’s attitudes on subjects through research. In Chapter 2 of the text, you learned a bit about the research process. Now, you are going to get some practice conducting a short research project. Re-read Neugarten’s 1965 article “Age Norms, Age Constraints, and Adult Socialization.” You will use several questions (discussed below) from Table 1 in the article and ask 10 different people those questions. You MUST choose 5 people below the age of 65, and 5 people 65+. You MUST choose 5 males and 5 females. Ask each person (a) their sex, (b) their age, and (c) the specific questions from the survey (in attached file).

When you finish, complete four tables (in attached file), one which displays the raw data from each of your cases (in research, “case” means participant, in this context), one which displays answers to the questions by sex, another that displays the answers by age, and the fourth that displays the answers by sex by age. Write an essay that must include, but is not limited to, analysis of Tables 2-4, how people reacted when you asked the questions, and what your conclusions were. For example, did younger people answer differently than older people? Did males answer differently than females? Do people today agree with the age ranges that Neugarten found? What else did you learn?

Tips on Completing Assignment:

You will use the following questions from Table 1 in the article:

  • – What do you think is the best age for a man to marry?
  • – What do you think is the best age for a woman to marry?
  • – At what age do you think most men should be settled in a career?
  • – At what age do you think a man is in the prime of his life?
  • – What age comes to mind when you think of a “good-looking woman”?
  • – At what age do you think a woman is in the prime of her life? 7 – What age comes to mind when you think of a “good-looking man”?

Add these questions that were not part of the original research project:

In the attached file (Tables-Paper2.docx) are some things that will help you with this project. Print 10 copies of the FIRST page – it is the survey form to be used for each person you ask to participate in this study. Number each form (1-10) in upper right-hand corner; these will be your Case #s.

When you have completed all 10 surveys, put the answers into Table 1 (hang onto the forms for further analysis).

To help with your analysis, Tables 1-4 (and instructions for each) are also included in the attached file. Copy and paste these into your own file (they have 1” margins, as required in the guidelines) and then fill them out with data from your surveys [delete the instructions beneath each table].

Once Tables 1-4 have been completed, re-read the guidelines for this paper (above) and answer the questions asked, along with anything else you found interesting in the data. You might, for example, comment on how the age ranges of the last two questions in your survey compare with the two questions asked about the opposite sex in the original article. Are they similar, or different?


At the top of the first page, put:

  • Name
  • Date
  • Paper #2 – SO338 – Spring 2019

Skip a line and begin the body of the paper. Essay is to be at least 1,000 words in length, single-spaced, with 1″ margins, and in Times Roman 12 pt. font.After the last line of the paper, add an additional line stating the word count of the paper. Paper will be graded on content, organization of thoughts, adherence to instructions, grammar, and spelling. DO NOT use report folders; staple in top left-hand corner.LATE PAPERS WILL BE PENALIZED ONE LETTER GRADE FOR EACH DAY THEY ARE LATE!


research on social change

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