Retail Internet Business

Retail Internet Business.

1. Should government  regulate website security? If not, who should? What is the relationship  between security and ethics in e-commerce?


A few years ago, you may have heard about the Congressional hearings  on Equifax’s security breach. The Equifax breach affected 145.5 million  Americans and revealed their highly sensitive information including  their social security number and entire financial history (Newman,  2017). This security breach has raised many questions around the purpose  and access of credit reporting organizations. But the initial delayed  public announcement, partial fix, and subsequent lack of information in  the Congressional hearings has placed a spotlight on web security  responsibility. However, there does not seem to be immediate solutions  for the large issue of data breaches on commercial site with sensitive  public information.

2. Looking back at  history, who typically steps in to help correct these types of issues  (when industry in fastmoving technology sectors experiences issues in  un- or –under regulated industries). What can history teach us about the  future? (Please provide examples)


Retail Internet Business

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