role that spirituality plays on an individual week 1 discussion 15 help

role that spirituality plays on an individual week 1 discussion 15 help.

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I found the readings to be very interesting, but for me the role that spirituality plays on an individual when facing their mortality was very intriguing. As someone who has always had a strong faith in the Lord, I was raised in church and lost my brother at a very young age. I saw how my families faith in God and knowing there was life beyond this earth allowed us to better cope with his loss. I also watched my parents struggle with the loss, which allowed me to be a stronger more empathetic individual. I understand how faith can help us through the difficult times and how it allows us to give thanks during the good times, for all the blessings in our lives. 

I know personally, that without my faith and strength from my church family, getting through the trials of life can be difficult. I beleive that those of us who believe in eternal life, know this life is temporary and that makes our transition from this life to the next a little easier to accept .Those that have the support of loved one’s and the support of church family do better when the time comes to make these difficult decisions regarding treatment. The readings discussed that “religious committment may improve stress control by offering better coping mechanisms, richer social support, and the strength of personal values and worldview.” (Puchalski, 2001). It showed that individuals that participate in spiritual practice have a decrease in Interleukin Levels or IL 6 levels. Increased levels of interleukins are assoicated with an increased incidence of disease. Thus proving that our spiritualtiy improves our health and well being. It assists us in coping with life and our health, our church family provides support and knowing the Lord allows us to understand what our journey is all about, it reaffirms my beliefs that faith is what gets us through all the trials of life. Which brings me to my favorite scripture, from the book of John, “greater is he that is in me, than he that is in the world.” (I John 4:4 New International Version). 

I am a strong believer that God is with us through it all, healing can occur when we are positive and have faith and if its Gods will. Disease and sickness are part of life, but how we choose to handle what’s dealt to us is what makes the difference.


role that spirituality plays on an individual week 1 discussion 15 help

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