Social Psychology and its societal impact

Social Psychology and its societal impact.

What does recent research in one of the thematic areas below tell us about the theory and practice of communication in contemporary societies?Your focus may be, but doesn’t have to be, international and/or intercultural.
Non-verbal communication
Younger people and communication
Older people and communication
Multilingual communication
Ethnicity and communication
Gender and communication
Computer mediated communication
Health and communication
Discrimination and communication
Politics and communication
Emotion and communication.
The function of communication in an interaction is to control the way we are perceived by others’.Discuss.
Outline and discuss what we know about the processes of communication occurring in one of the following functions:
Identify and discuss the main effects of the unequal distribution of power between groups and individuals on communication.You may focus on one type of relationship (e.g. between people of different ethnicity, sexuality, cultural group, age group or socio-economic status), and may confine your discussion to a single country, if you wish.
Is there such a thing as a cultural learning style?
To what extent are dementia and other disabilities socially constructed?
What roles does personality play in communication between ‘cultural’ groups?
Is the study of cross- or intercultural communication likely to make you better at adapting and adjusting to a new cultural environment? Why/Why not?
Which variety or varieties of the English language do people currently learn and why?

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Social Psychology and its societal impact

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