the importance of nature to humanity

the importance of nature to humanity.


  • Background information (explain why you are writing)
  • Introduction of subject (show Nash that you know his text well)
  • Statement of your opinion (state your opinion clearly and forcefully)
  • Thesis (develop a strong thesis that propels your essay)
  • Body Paragraphs

  • Lots of evidence (what evidence will you be using?)
  • Opposing point of view (are there opposing points of view?)
  • Response to opposing point of view (If there are opposing viewpoints, have you considered them?)
  • Topic sentences (ensure each body paragraph begins with a clear, claim-driven topic sentence)
  • Evidence and evaluation (make sure you evaluate the evidence you use to show what the evidence means and why it matters—so what? why should anybody care?)
  • Conclusion

  • Restatement of your position
  • Call for action or agreement (Do you want people to do something? Change something? Believe something? Act on your behalf? Why should they?)

    the importance of nature to humanity

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