week 9 discussion research

week 9 discussion research.

Per this week’s assigned reading and slides, there are five decisions to make when conducting observation research:

  1. Natural vs. Contrived
  2. Open vs. Disguised
  3. Human vs. Machine
  4. Structured vs. Unstructured
  5. Direct vs. Indirect

Watch the video above (Student AP Psychology Naturalistic Observation). Pick one of the five numbered items above and state which of the two methods was used, or neither, or something in between. Explain your statement. Also state how the experiment could have been done differently to incorporate the other method and if that might have made the experiment better or worse.

I’d also like you to comment on the benefits of observational research in general. If we had surveyed 100 people about what they would do if they saw someone drop a dollar bill, what percent would indicate that they would have returned it? If we had done a focus group with 10 participants and asked that same question, how many of the 10 would say they would have returned it? What does this say about the advantages of observational research? When is observational research a better alternative than other research methods.


week 9 discussion research

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