write 6 pages document design 1

write 6 pages document design 1.

In this paper we will talk about (2nd grade math class ) AND we will use app which called (Sushi game for math class)

We will use (Flipped classroom model) https://facultyinnovate.utexas.edu/flipped-classro…

in this paper You will use a format based on Lever-Duffy & McDonald’s (2011) DID model and the ADDIE model ADDIE Model.The ADDIE Model (http://www.instructionaldesign.org/models/addie.html)

. Use the specific instructions below for the parameters/scope of each step this assignment (do not use the book for paramenters/scope).

Start on the design of a brand new unit that spans 5-10 days.

Download the sample paper Word document and review the structure and formatting of the paper. You may use this sample document as the starting point for your own paper.

Write a 6 page description of the instructional unit with the following sections.

Know the Learners: Summarize the characteristics of the learners for whom you are creating the lesson. In particular, include the following information:

age / grade level

demographic / cultural / language backgrounds

incoming skills and knowledge base

diversity of student learner characteristics

other student factors that influence how you design activities for your students.

Articulate Objectives: State the behaviors you expect your students to be able to demonstrate at the conclusion of the unit.

Be sure to connect your objectives to any relevant state standards. Include the standards in the text of your document.

Use the “stem / target / performance / assessment method / criterion for success” structure described in the book for all your objectives.

Identify Teaching and Learning Strategies: Given the above student learning objectives, describe the specific design strategies or specific theories you plan to use.

First, explain why you thought this strategy/theory/model might be appropriate for your unit.

Second, describe this strategy/theory/model in general. (Cite your information sources in the body of your paper, and include in the list of references.)

Third, explain how you will be implementing each of the steps (or elements) of the design strategy/theory/model in your specific lesson for your chosen topic.

Identify and Select Technologies: Given the strategies/theories selected, identify the main technology tool (or tools) that will be needed in this unit.

List the key technology tool(s).

Describe how the technology tool(s) will be used in your unit.

Explain the “value added” by the key technology tool(s). How does it make the unit more effective?

Attached Files example sample for the assignment


write 6 pages document design 1

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