Industrial/ Organization Psychology

Industrial/ Organization Psychology.

Ethical Reviews

These questions are from “Industrial/ Organization Psychology”-An Applied Approach 8th Edition Author (Michael Aamodt) I am enclosing an example of what and how its suppose to look like.

Chapter 2

  1. Are CEO’s being paid too much or are they worth the high compensation packages they receive?
  2. Is it ethical or fair that a CEO receives a bonus when employees are being laid off or having their benefits reduced?
  3. Does high compensation for CEOs actually increase company performance?
  4. Should a company’s number one focus be on making money for its shareholders?
  5. What might be other ethical factors surrounding this issue?


Chapter 3

  1. Do you think the legal reasons for these workplace practices outweigh the ethical responsibilities of organizations?
  2. Are companies being unfair, and therefore, unethical by engaging in such activities?
  3. What are the ethical responsibilities to employees from companies who chose to use such practices?
  4. What are some other ethical dilemmas that you think could arise from such practices?
  5. Conduct an Internet search on the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act signed by President Bush. Do you think that act is fair to employers and employees? Why or Why not?


Chapter 4

  1. Do you see any potential ethical dilemmas of recruiting and hiring based on looks? If so what are they?
  2. Is it ethical to take a less skilled applicant over a more skilled one just because one is more attractive than the other?
  3. Is it fair or ethical for places like Borgata Casino and Spa to refuse employment to less average looking employees?
  4. Is there a more ethical way to balance the rights of companies to have attractive people and the rights of people who are perceived as unattractive?
  5. Do you think that more states and cities should make laws against discrimination of people based on their looks?

Industrial/ Organization Psychology