legal and ethical parameters to nursing practice

Diploma Nursing
Apply legal and ethical parameters to nursing practice

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Diploma Nursing HLT54115

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HLTENN008 Apply legal and ethical parameters to nursing practice

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Journal Activity 1: Introduction to the law
(Total 5 marks)
1. How would you define ‘the law’?
2. Why is it important to have an understanding of the law and its impact on nursing practices?

Journal Activity 2: Current legal issues related to health
(Total 12 marks: 3 mark each question)
Define and give an example of each of the following current issues in health care
• Duty of care

• Negligence

• Advocacy

• Defamation

Journal Activity 3: Confidentiality
(Total 9 marks: 3 marks each section)
Use the information from the Code of Professional Conduct for Nurses to complete the following statement. Include at least three points.
As an enrolled nurse I can protect client information and ensure confidentiality is maintained by:



Journal Activity 4: Advance care directive
(Total 5 marks)
In your own words outline why advance care planning is important and what is the relevance for the enrolled nurse.

Journal Activity 5: Advance care directive viewpoints
(Total 5 marks)
Discuss the different views that were raised in the video regarding the care that was being delivered to Mrs Harris.