Should Emergency Contraception in the Care of Rape Victims be a standard protocol?

Topic: Should Emergency Contraception in the Care of Rape Victims be a standard protocol?

2-page Introduction only on the topic above please touch on all components provided below.
I am sending a couple of articles and pdf copy of ethics book required for references. More over any other references must be current within 5 years.
It must be written in APA format, typed
using 12-point font, one-inch margins, and be double-spaced. Your paper will need to include an
introduction including both a thesis statement and a purpose statement. Use references discussed
development of an argumentative thesis statement as well as the overall writing of an argument paper.
Thesis statements for this paper should include “why, who, and what”.
The paper will need to include the following components:
• Establish Thesis/Position and Purpose Statement
• Support Thesis using Ethical Theory and Principles
• Present and Defend Arguments Supporting Thesis using Research/Statistics
• Present Opposing Views and Theories using Research/Statistics
• Present Rebuttals to Opposing Arguments using Research/Statistics
• Include Faith Integration
• Include Value/Impact to Nursing using Code of Ethics, Social Policy Statement, NPA, and
other related Professional and Organizational Positions
• Use of APA Format/Rules
1. Began w/” attention-getter”
2. Background information sufficient
3. Motivated reader to continue using statistics,
research, and relevant references
4. Ethical relevance introduced
5. Thesis & Purpose Statement formatted correctly and
clearly identified