Statement of reasons for wanting to enter Medicine

Statement of reasons for wanting to enter Medicine
Learning and the application of science has always been a passion of mine. From a young age, I have always been fascinated with the workings of the human body and this was partly because of my stay in hospital for two months because of tuberculosis. At the time, I couldn’t understand what was happening and why but all I could remember was the great care I received from the doctors and the nurses which was a really big thing for a young boy who thought the hospital visit was just for a day.
As I grew up and started university, I was naturally leaning towards a degree in science. The discipline I am most interested in was physiology and I was fortunate enough to receive an offer to do PhD in Neurophysiology at the University of Melbourne. My studies were looking at the effects of increased sympathetic activity to the heart, which has been shown to be detrimental in the heart failure condition. In particular, the focus of my PhD was the role of the brain in heart failure and we are the first lab to show that if you lesion an area of the brain, you are able to prevent damage to the heart in heart failure. As a result of these findings, I have been invited to present at multiple international and national meetings, notably Experimental Biology conference in Boston and San Diego, USA in 2015 and 2016. Furthermore, I received the distinguished Harold Mitchell Travel Fellowship award from the Florey Institute, University of Melbourne as a result of my findings and presentation skills, securing me $5000 in travel grants. Additionally, I have been invited as a guest lecturer to La Trobe University every year during my PhD. All in all, these achievements highlight my communication and interpersonal skills which are essential to being a good doctor.
During my PhD, I was fortunate to meet and work with clinicians from various fields of surgery. The field I was most interested in was cardiothoracic surgery and I organised visits to the Royal Melbourne, Austin and the Royal Childrens hospitals to observe surgery in elderly and very young patients. These visits strengthened my desire to pursue a career in medicine. Furthermore, from my interaction with clinicians and GP’s, I understood a career in medicine can be tough and challenging, physically and mentally, but I also saw how gratifying and fulfilling it can be.
I believe I have all the qualities required to be a successful and caring doctor. As you will see in my portfolio, I have extensive volunteering and leadership experiences. One of the core catholic faith value is respect for human dignity and this aligns perfectly with my faith and values to respect and love people, specially our elders. My most endearing and enjoyable experience has been my time with Red Cross. Assisting elderly people with simple things such as a chat about the weeks events, showed me how much happiness and joy it can bring them. I also enjoyed my time working with kids, teaching them and help guide them in their ambitions. All these experiences have strengthened my desire to help others and become a good doctor.
I have sacrificed and studied very hard to achieve my PhD but I also made time for my other love, which is badminton. I joined the La Trobe university club after the commencement of my undergraduate degree. After a year, I was tasked with leading a team to the penultimate competition of the year, the Australian University Games. I led a highly successful campaign and as a result, I was nominated by the universitys sports body to become the president of the club. I was in charge for two years at which I had to leave to start my postgraduate degree at the University of Melbourne. From my networking contacts throughout the badminton circle, I was again nominated to the executive committee of the club at the university and held the vice president position for two years.
I am hard and determined worker who understands the importance of working constructively within a team as well as an individual to getting any task done correctly and efficiently. I have a very patient and calm personality and can work very well under pressure and in unexpected situations. I have a passion for volunteering and working with the community and if it wasn’t for my new position, I would have continued my services to the community. I started a post-doctorate position at the University of Auckland, NZ, this year.
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