Talent Management

Talent Management.

Assignment 2: Talent Management

Title: A multinational organisation is interested in the potential for using standardised assessment methods, including novel technology based techniques, for their talent identification process. The company has traditionally only used interviews, recommendations and past performance data. What recommendations would you make, in terms of best practice for approaching this objective?

– Word count: 3000 words (excluding references) – Format: APA (6th edition referencing) ?– Deadline: April 12th

Note: Whilst this is a practical question, we expect the essay to uphold the academic format and standards (i.e. this is not a business report). You are expected to take an evidence based (and neutral) approach to answering the question.

In psychology, markers are looking for:?

– Relevance of material to essay topic
– ?Demonstration of knowledge and understanding
– ?Quality of structure and exposition
– ?Preparatory reading (esp. wider, independent reading)
– Citing, referencing, formatting, grammar, punctuation

Talent Management