HIST- Weatherford on the Mongols

HIST- Weatherford on the Mongols.  -250 WORDS


Please read: Jack Weatherford, Genghis Kahn and the Making of the Modern World (Crown Publishing Group, 2004), Part III, ‘The Global Awakening,’ pp. 193-265. 

   And discuss: Based on the Weatherford reading, post a comment that addresses ONE of the questions below:

a) During his reign of China, Kublai Khan combined Mongol and Chinese administrative and social practices.  Describe one aspect of these and what it says about this era in Mongolian domination of Eurasia.  Some examples are the Forbidden City, Mongolian law (tattooing), and education. (See Chapter 8, ‘Kubilai Khan and the New Mongolian Empire’)

b) What does Rabban Bar Sawma’s experiences say about the relationship of the Mongol Empire to other Eurasian civilizations? (See Chapter 9, ‘Their Golden Light’)

c) Give an example of the impact the Plague had on the Mongol Empire. (See Chapter 10, ‘The Empire of Illusion’)

HIST- Weatherford on the Mongols