Critical thinking and Problem solving homewrk

Critical thinking and Problem solving homewrk. DUE WITHIN 5 HOURS PLEASE PLAGIARIZED.


Discussion—Comparison of Editorials

In this assignment, you will identify and explore your intuitive critical-thinking strategies. It is the starting point to developing the skills to analyze information critically.

Research methods of identifying strong and weak arguments using your textbook and the Argosy University online library resources. Be sure to cover the following:Identify premises and conclusionsDiscuss whether or not an inference is warrantedDetermine whether arguments utilize inductive or deductive reasoning

For this assignment, your facilitator will assign you one of the following debates:Debate 1: Should the “Ashley X” treatments have been permitted?

Each debate has two sets of articles for review. Your facilitator will assign you one of these sets.

Each set has two articles with two varying, but important, perspectives on the same subject. Be sure to read both articles in the set.

Debate 1:

These pairs of articles focus on the subject of “Ashley X,” a child with static encephalopathy who underwent radical surgical procedures to facilitate her care and, thereby, ostensibly improve her quality of life.

Set ALewis, J. (2007, January 6). The moral line in medicine shifts once again.The Independent, p. 37. (ProQuest Document ID 311096455)., P. (2007, January 26). A convenient truth [Op-Ed]. The New York Times, p. A.21. (ProQuest Document ID: 433487228).

Set BLindemann, H., & Nelson, J. L. (2008). The romance of the family. The Hastings Center Report, 38(4), 19–21. (ProQuest Document ID 222368438)., A. (2007, January 11). It’s wrong to keep disabled girl as an ‘angel’.The Globe and Mail, p. A.17. (ProQuest Document ID 383481551).

Respond to the following: Identify and explain the strongest argument in each article.

OrIdentify and explain the weakest argument in each article.

Give reasons and examples from your research in support of your response.

Your initial response should be about 300–400 words in length, with at least one reference cited in APA format. Be sure to reply to at least two of your classmates using at least 75 words per response.



Critical thinking and Problem solving homewrk