Critical thinking 2 page essay

Critical thinking 2 page essay. 2 page essay


You are the teacher!  You’re planning a course in critical thinking for one of the following groups (of your choice):


     (1) a group of ten-year-olds

     (2) a group of high school juniors

     (3) a group of interested prisoners

     (4) a group of average working Joes  (aged somewhere between you and me).

     (5) an online -version of the course


What would your goals be in your course? Where would you be trying to go, and how would you go about getting there? To what extent and in what way might the particular character of your students affect the goals, content and approach in your course?


[You will  notice: this is a sneaky way of putting the question about what critical thinking is and how one goes about becoming a critical thinker – in this case, in a circumscribed context (of your choice).]


This is not intended as a research  assignment ,  but as  a thinking activity. Please limit yourself to a couple of pages (if possible). 

Critical thinking 2 page essay