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eassy project.   

Milestone: Pillars of Analysis

As you have read, all religious traditions share three basic characteristics from which we may analyze the religion and compare it to other religions. For your Final Project, you will focus on a single pillar of analysis from which you will engage in a deeper study of a religious tradition. 

 select the pillar of analysis you wish to focus on. Identify the pillar of analysis in the writing space below. Finally, include a 100- to 150-word short response sharing why you selected this pillar of analysis. What about this pillar is especially interesting to you? Do you feel that you personally relate to it more than the others? If so, why?

Three Pillars of Analysis

· Beliefs

· Rituals

Institutions  you will be asked to consider and respond to questions such as: What elements of your chosen tradition or pillar of analysis are most important? How has this pillar changed over time? How does this pillar relate to some of the key themes 

My chosen pillar of analysis is:

I selected this pillar of analysis because (100–150 words): 

eassy project