urgent paper!!!

urgent paper!!!. Please write a draft answering one of the questions about the Apple case on page 15 of our text.

Discuss the communication challenges for Apple by choosing one of the two questions:

1] Do you think Apple will be able to ride out [survive] the recent storm of criticism and requests for more transparency on the back of [relying on] its strong reputation?


2] Do you think Apple now needs to engage more systematically with its stakeholders [remember the list of different stakeholders we discussed in class] on various issues?

Use the Case Outline that was on the board in class:

1. Problem [here you would put your question, [1] or [2] from above

2. Background: a few sentences about Apple’s reputation, popularity over the past 10 years

3. Solution: Here you would describe your idea or ideas for a solution to the question you chose

4. Results or Outcome: what would you project into the future if Apple decided on your Solution from Question 1 or 2.

urgent paper!!!