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1-2 pages. ****DUE IN 8-10 HOURS!


Write a complete 1-2 pages paper addressing the details below:

Podcast: https://99percentinvisible.org/episode/best-enjoyed-by/ 

Listen to this podcast on expiration dates and food labels. After you’ve listened to the entire podcast, please discuss the following questions with your group: 1. Given that there seems to be little (if any) relationship between expiration dates and food safety, what is the responsibility of the companies that package food?  2. Is it up to the company to ensure that the consumer understands the difference between a “best if used by” date and an “expires on” date?  3. How should the needs of the audience/consumer affect this kind of communication? Please explain your answer. Be specific. 

Cite all references in APA.

1-2 pages