introduction to philosohpy

introduction to philosohpy. address two of the following topics in no more than six typed pages.

1 restate and critically examine Anselm’s ontological argument for the existence of God and restate and critically examine one of Aquinas’ first three cosmological arguments for the existence of God.

2. Does Paley’s design argument necessarily prove the existence of God conceived as a supremely perfect being? Why or why not? Consider Dawkins’ and Hume’s criticisms of the argument. How does Aquinas’ fifth cosmological argument differ from the eighteenth-century deistic version of Paley? Does it succeed against Dawkins? why or why not?

3. is belief in the existence of a supremely perfect deity compatible or incompatible with natural and moral evil? Justify you answer. work with Augustine, Hick and Mackie.

4. How and why does Plato argue against the divine command theory of morality? how does Plato’s critique of the Olympian deities pave the way for the later fusion of Greek philosophy and Judaic-Christianity? show how the Euthyphro dialogue embodies Plato’s conception of philosophy in terms of the allegory of the cave and the divided line.

introduction to philosohpy