For DR. Samuelson

For DR. Samuelson. The Socratic method, named after Socrates but originated by Plato thousands of years ago, is still being used by teachers in classrooms around the world. In your own words, summarize the Socratic method and provide at least one example of how it can be used to further learning and encourage critical thinking.

Both Socrates and Plato took a stand in the debate regarding the benefits of a general education versus the benefits of a technical education. Summarize this debate and explain whether you agree or disagree with these two philosophers and why.

This week, you have been studying classical thinking with regard to education, particularly the thoughts and viewpoints of Socrates, Aristotle, and Plato. Choose three views held by either Aristotle or Plato, and explain whether you agree or disagree with each one and why.

Submit this assignment by Day 7 of this week.

Assisgnemnt 1 – The attachment titled Week 1 online reading is the reading required to answer week 1 assigment questions

Assignment 2 is attached with the instructions and work sheet to do assignment .

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For DR. Samuelson