Family Power

Family Power. Part One: Due June 27 chapter 6


Watch –  The World of Intersex Children and One Person’s Journey Between Two Sexes

I know this may be a sensitive discussion, but it is important to be respectful and listen to the thoughts and comments of our peers.

1.      Discuss your reaction to the video clip.

2.      Questions are raised, who should make the decision regarding performing surgery on an intersex child? Is it the doctor, parents, the individual, or other? Explain why.

1.      If you selected the child, what age would be appropriate for the child to make the decision? Explain why you selected the age.

2.      Why do you think this is a topic that is unclear and difficult for individuals to discuss?

3.      How do you think we go about changing the conversation and dialogue on intersex and other gender issues?

Provide your thoughts and feedback on the definition of family. Responses to the discussion board should be at least 7-10 sentences in length. 


Part Two: Due June 28 Chapter 7

Family Power

1. Examine your family. If you are not comfortable with examing your famiily, find a family on television or a movie. You will need to provide a link or reference to the clip.

Discuss the following:

1. How was power distributed in your family of origin?

2. Exapling how you know how power is distributed in your family of origin. Provide at least 3 examples.

3. How do you want power to be distributed in the family or relationship you hope to create in the future?

4. Why is it important to have an understanding of power distribution in families? What challenges might be created if one does not understand the importance of power distrubtion in families?

Responses to the discussion board should be at least 7-10 sentences in length.



Family Power