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for anyone. Discussion 1

  The Alphabetic Principle

The alphabetic principle is the process by which we create meaning out of symbols. Describe how children go through this process and how children whose primary language is not English may struggle with this. Suggest ways to help so that all can be successful.

Discussion 2

  Supplemental Activities for Phonics and Reading

With the current emphasis on standardized testing and the increased push-down and pressure to have all children scoring high on tests, there can be a tendency to rely solely on provided curriculum packets and focus on teaching out of the book. Sometimes, we know that no matter how good a curriculum is, there are some children who may need a different approach.

Describe a developmentally appropriate activity or brief lesson you would create to help children in grades 1–3 who are struggling with phonics and reading.

Discussion 3

  Creating a Literacy-Rich Environment

In a literacy-rich classroom, reading and writing materials are infused across the entire room and the environment supports literacy development in a multitude of ways. For this discussion, you will need to visit 2–3 preschool classrooms and evaluate the environment on how each supports literacy development. Describe what you find in the preschool classrooms you visit and how you would modify the environment to keep the early childhood education (ECE) class supportive of this literacy-rich approach. What are some ways you can promote reading and writing across the entire curriculum?

Discussion 4

  Text Structure Strategies

After reading the article “20 Strategies to Teach Text Structure,” choose an informational text and outline a brief mini lesson in which you would introduce at least two strategies to help a third grade class improve their ability to respond to a range of literature and analyze text structures. Strategies include graphic organizers, think-aloud strategies, skim and scan to predict, and so forth. Present your ideas to other learners 

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