Journal Article Analysis

Journal Article Analysis.

Once you have read the article, complete the following analysis.

According to approaches discussed in the leadership article of your choosing, what is your perspective of the social scientific research that took place on leadership? What did the authors find?

Provide both a summary of the study and a critique of the questions, methods, results, and conclusions presented by the author(s). For this analysis, I am looking for a less personal and more focused explanation of your perception of the research presented in the article. I recommend you develop a well-crafted and supported paragraph or two within each area.

APA should be used throughout the paper to reference the article or to document any additional resources you might use, for example, our Johnson and Hackman (2018) textbook might also be cited. Your overall analysis should be  2 pages, with 1″ margins, 12 point Times New Roman font. You will submit to this dropbox through TurnItIn, so be sure to follow the directions and submit properly. 

For this assignment you should use headings for each area and provide a summary in your own words and a critique of: ( 1 paragraph for each ): the overall article, the research question(s), the methods, the results, and the conclusions presented by the author.

I need it in 10hrs

Journal Article Analysis