Personal Fitness Trainer Program

Personal Fitness Trainer Program

A new client makes an appointment with you for an initial assessment and introductory 2-week workout program.  The client is a 40-year-old female that has been medically cleared to exercise with no known medical problems or contraindications.  She notes she has not had a regular exercise routine in years and to celebrate turning 40, she would like to firm up, lose some fat around her waist and hips so she looks good in a 2-piece swimsuit, and she wants to be able to run (complete) a 5K (3.1 miles) charity event, in one month.  She states she is committed to achieving these goals and will do whatever you tell her to do, either with you or on her own, in a gym or at home.

Please describe in detail the process you will follow from your initial meeting with her, including forms you will have her sign, the assessment you will perform for her 5 components of fitness, and the sample program you will give her to get her started.

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Please include any recommendations you would make for her after her initial 2-week program, considering she wants to be able to complete a 5K (3.1 miles) event at the end of 4 weeks.  Also, if you would want her to perform a taper in her 4th week so that her legs are fresh for her 5K event, please include that information in your recommendations.  Consider safety, effectiveness, and efficiency when creating her sample program.  Please write the program in a manner that you could hand it to her to follow.

Reference your work in APA style GENERAL APA GUIDELINES

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