Africa Mother Tongues Discussion

Constant Change – Mother Tongues

[Episode 3] Video Guide

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1. What two reasons are given for Africa having such a rich diversity of languages



2. How long ago

a. might Swahili have been spoken?

b. And what does the word mean?

3. How did Bantu languages spread?

4. Khoisan languags:

a. What are the Khoisan languages best known for?

b. How did the Zulu and Xhosa pick up Khoisan language?

5. Why does Oceania contain about 1/4 of the world’s language diversity?

6. Mandarin and Cantonese share many root words but what makes them be considered a different language by people outside of China?

7. Which language in Europe is an isolate from the other Indo-European languages?

8. French affected English through which part (class or caste) of society?

9. Why has “hip-hop” developed into such a strong dialect of “black” English?

10. What did linguists discover about Native American languages that they did not expect at first?Mother Tongues Video Guide.pdf