Answer 3 separate post

Below are 3 separate questions. Please answer in at least 10-12 sentences.

Big 5 Personality (6)

1.What do you think of this model? Do you agree with it? What aspects of personality do you think are neglected by the 5-Factor Model? Can you find a place for these neglected aspects within the model? That is, how do you think the Big 5 folks would counter the criticism that it leaves out certain aspects of personality? Are there any aspects of personality that absolutely cannot be “fitted” into the 5-Factor Model? Why/why not?

Personality Change (7)

2. Consider your own personality from your childhood (e.g., ages 8-10). In what ways has your personality changed during the intervening years?

How do these changes relate to the concepts and processes described in the chapter? Does your personal experience conflict with or agree with (or maybe both) the research findings?

Family (8)

3. According to some research findings, shared environmental events (those things that children share while growing up in the same family) have a minimal impact on personality development. Rather, it seems that it is the unique things that happen to us that have the greatest impact on our resulting personality. As the class notes point out, some researchers in this area have argued that “being raised in the same family has nothing to do with personality!” Do you find these arguments convincing? Why/why not?