Ashford University Santa Maria California Community Resources in Neighborhoods Activity

In this assignment, choose two communities: one with a low socioeconomic status (Santa Maria California) and one with a high socioeconomic status (San Luis Obispo California). These communities can be near where you live or work. After researching human service agencies available to people in these two communities, choose two service agencies in each community and compare and contrast them in a 1–2 page document. Include a table or annotated list comparing and contrasting these resources in the paper. Clearly identify the names and locations of the communities, the population breakdown, and a short description of each agency. Also, include a section that states the conclusions you drew from your research and analysis.

The following critical elements must be addressed in your paper: • Identify one community of a low socioeconomic status and one community of a high socioeconomic status with names, locations, and population breakdown • Identify at least two service agencies in each community with short description. • Compare and contrast of the agencies/resources available to each community in a table or annotated list • Conclusion from research and analysis

Guidelines for Submission: Your assignment must be 1–2 pages in length and must be submitted in standard APA format, with 12-point Times New Roman font, one-inch margins, and sources cited in APA format.

COMMUNITIES- low socioeconomic status- Santa Maria Ca

High socioeconomic status- San Luis Obispo Ca

I will provide the directions and rubric AS WELL as an example of what this should look like titled 2-1 Activity example, does not need to be as long as the example.,%20California&g=0500000US06079,%20California&g=1600000US0669196

Above is info on the two towns.