Beihang University Classical Account of Knowledge Response

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1.What is the classical account of knowledge?

Imagine we have a proposition P. A proposition in this class is a claim that something is the case which can either be true or false. Some simple examples of this declaration include:

1. The computer is on.

2. The moon is made of swiss cheese.

3. You are breathing.

An individual knows that a proposition P is valid if and only if the following conditions are applicable:

1) P is true

2) A believes that P is the case

3) A is justified in believing that P is the case.

P, in this case, is true according to non-relativity where the concept of its truth is absolute. The classical account requires some sort of justification of the proposition. Justification, in this case, refers to reason and evidence rather than luck. A belief is justified if it is correctly obtained.

2.Is knowledge more valuable than mere true belief?
Knowledge in my opinion is often more valuable than mere true belief. The fact that knowledge appears to be more practical use than true belief because knowledge provides confidence to individuals that is not be easily lost. When one has the knowledge of something, the chances of doing it right is higher than one who believes such and such is the correct way to do. For example, when there’s a road work blocking one’s usual way home, the one having the knowledge of the alternative way will know his/her way home, rather than merely truly believes that such and such is the correct way to go, and will eventually lost. However, we are very limited in what we can say in knowledge when the value of knowledge is appeal to the instrumental value of true belief. True beliefs often have instrumental value because some of them seems to be very pointless. For example, when one is unable to operate a cellphone decided to remember every number on the phone book. And imagine someone counting the number of grains of sand on the beach. Although this kind of people gain true belief, it is consider meaningless.