Bishop High School Language as A Communication Tool

Assignment 3.1: Language as a Communication ToolLanguage as a Communication ToolOBJECTIVE

Examine language as a communication toolASSIGNMENT OVERVIEW

This reaction and response assignment allows you to explore the vocabulary and uses of nonverbal language.DELIVERABLES

Your one- to two-page list

Step 1 Make a list of all of the nonverbal gestures you can think of and their meanings.

Include things such as the following:Hand gesturesFacial expressionsBody language

Write the meaning of each gesture briefly after the description (or drawing or photo) of the gesture. If the gesture means different things in different cultures, say so. For example:

Step 2 Observe the people around you and in public places.

You can collect more gestures by observing others. If you’re unclear about what their gestures mean, consider asking them.