Ch 1 The Sociological Perspective Presentation

Read the power point and answer the questions in the attachments below please make sure all the answers from the power point

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1. Distinguish between the two levels of analysis used in sociology (macro-level and micro-level). Provide at least one example of each type of research. Which would be the best to use if a sociologist wanted to learn about accounting majors in the United States? Why?
2. Distinguish between manifest and latent functions, and dysfunctions. Provide at least one example of each, relevant to higher levels of education in the United States. Specifically, explain the manifest and latent functions and dysfunctions of attending college, along with the dysfunctions os a college education.
3. Distinguish between the functionalist and conflict approaches to the study of society. Which approach would be most consistent with the values of political conservatives? Why? Which approach would be the most consistent with political liberals? Why?
4. Why is nonverbal communication so important to interactionist theory?
5. How can the functionalist, conflict, and interactionist views be used to interpret professional sports? List at least one example of a question that each theory would explore? Which theory do you believe would provide the most meaningful/important results? Why?
6. Identify and briefly explain the eight basic steps in the scientific method.
7. What are the advantages and limitations of interviews when doing social research? What are the advantages and limitations of questionnaires when doing survey research? Which do you believe is better, interviews or questionnaires? Why?