CSUGlobal Campus Becoming A Social Worker Video Discussion

After watching the following video clip, Becoming a Social Worker: Real Students, Real Clients, Real Growth, prepare a reaction paper in which you address the following topics and questions for your assignment submission.

Video: Becoming a Social Worker: Real Students, Real Clients, Real Growth

Video Description: Clinical social worker, hospital social worker, and school social worker are just some of the positions available to those with a Master’s of Social Work (MSW) degree. With a wide range of specialties and employment opportunities, year after year the social work field attracts new students eager to enter this diverse helping profession. But what does it take to be a social work student?

Topics and QuestionsWhat is the most important piece you took from the students’ experiences that you feel will inform your professional practice?As a human services professional, what was most beneficial to you about the ideas presented?What challenged you to think about something in a new way?If you were working with the clients featured in this video, what techniques do you think you might use to help them?