Cuyamaca College Socrates Arguments on Afterlife Paper

You must put Socrates’ argument in standard form as per our discussions in class. The actual argument should be done in your own words. You must explain Socrates’ argument concerning the afterlife as stated in the Apology. The afterlife argument is contained in this packet.You must explain at least one objection to your formulation of Socrates’ argument. This must be done using the method of counter argument to argue against the original argument form as stated above in ‘A.’You must explain how someone might respond to your objection.You must write in the third person. Examples include: “One thinks…”, “This means…”, or “Socrates means…” Do not use the ‘we think’ or the ‘I think…” tense. Term papers are formal exercises. As such you need to write in a formal style. The paper must be 3 to 6 pages in length, not including the works cited page.Your interpretation of Socrates’ argument must be turned in on March13.