De Anza College Legal vs Underground Economy Essay

Your essay must be: Double Space; Arial font; 12 font size; and at least 3 full pages long plus a reference page (if you use references). You must cite the pages when using “quotes” from the book (example: (Bourgois, 10).

Please choose one of the questions below. Write the question Number # before you start typing your essay. Make to use references from the book to support your argument, and to have a reference page on your essay.What are some of the tradeoffs Primo and his friends must consider trying to enter the legal economy vs. working in the underground economy? What sorts of material and personal benefits does each provide?What is the meaning of gang rape in the context of El Barrio? How do the perpetrators attempt to justify their actions? How can this be part of male socialization?

You only need to read till Chapter 6 which is Pg258

I will send you a Kindle account to read the book.