Dominican School The Case for Andy Warhol Video Analysis

InstructionsConsidering Andy Warhol

In this unit, you have explored painting, printmaking, photography, and graphic design. The famous Pop artists Andy Warhol incorporated all of these media into his most recognizable paintings, including his Campbell’s Soup Cans and graphic images of Marilyn Monroe. Also add sculpture, film, and video to his large body of work.

Step I: Observe and Consider

To begin, view this short introductory video on Andy Warhol: The Case for Andy Warhol (The Art Assignment). Next, view this short video about Mass Consumerism, Warhol, and 1960s America (Smarthistory). Third, read this overview about Warhol from the Walker Art Center and review more examples of his work by scrolling though the gallery. As you are viewing this assigned media, consider the how Warhol’s materials and techniques, his use of popular images, and how his art addressed issues of commercialism, celebrity, and the American mass media.

Step II: Analyze

In one full page of writing (about 300 words), explain why form and content, materials and techniques, iconography, and context matter when trying to understand the art of Andy Warhol. You should include specific reference to at least two of his artworks. Make sure to include the artwork’s title and date for reference.

Step III: Relate

In a second full page of writing (about 300 words) consider the following. In what ways is the legacy of Andy Warhol’s art still relevant and poignant today? Do you think the content of his art still resonates as strongly today as it did in the 1960s-1980s when he made it? Explain