ECE 130 Grand Canyon University Advocating for Early Childhood Students HW

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(750, APA Format)


Subject of the paper: Advocating for early childhood students


Research a current trend or issue related to a child development theory. Some example issues include, but are not limited to: Behaviorism Behavior rewards/systems in the classroom Montessori approach Maslow’s hierarchy of needs Erickson’s eight developmental stages Vygotsky sociocultural theory

Review current literature on the child development theory you selected and consider its effect on learning environments related to early childhood students.

Assume the role of an early childhood teacher and write a letter of 500‐750 words to your school administrator.

In the letter, take a position on the theory you selected. Your perspective should promote professional practice in early childhood education by advocating for or against the theory for early childhood students.

Include the following in your letter: Description and analysis of the theory, and how it is related to early childhood education Your position advocating for or against the selected child development theory promoting professional practice in early childhood education Evidence‐based research that supports your position How your position upholds ethical standards, professional standards of practice, and/or relevant laws and policies in order to carry out this work within the public arena with compassion, justice and concern for the common good.

Cite 4‐5 scholarly sources that support your research.

Other information: Writing Guidelines:


One-inch margins on all sides

Numbered pages in upper right corner

Proper Citations Required (You may use footnotes, endnotes, and in-text citations) – only up to date references, no older than 5 years old

Your name, course number, and date on a separate cover sheet.

Separate works cited page

(Response papers that do not meet these guidelines will be penalized)

APA Format, 750 Words,academic vocabulary

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Format: APA FormatNo plagiarism is accepted

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