EDUC 90930 University of Melbourne Transnational Media Literacy & Political Tension Essay

Education Essay – 3500 words

The Criteria Sheet contains all the information

Use APA 6th reference style

I will require you to provide a short outline/introductive paper in the upcoming 24 hours which I will check with my professor to make sure that this is what he expects to receive. Once I get the confirmation, you can go on with the paper. The outline should contain a short summary of what will be discussed in the paper, headings which will be used and possible list of reference. It’s purpose is to ensure that the final paper is on topic.


About the paper:

The topic of the paper is transnational literacy. More exactly ,you will need to focus on transnational Media Literacy (and political one too)

It can be from any context, (either local or global) which has made you concerned about literacy in general. For example it can be from: Media-literacy and political tensions

This is the class description which can help you understand what the professor might want to read: This subject will introduce students to the ways in which literacy supports and empowers learning and social change in global contexts, and will explore the impact of literacy practices on learning in real world and virtual communities. Students will be introduced to key theories and approaches to 21 st century literacies and have the opportunity to draw on these to explore their own understanding of literacy and the impact of their personal literacies on their learning experiences. This subject will introduce students to the role of oral language in learning in different cultural traditions and understandings of education, and support them to build on these understandings in practice. Approaches to literacy which support diversity, inclusion and acknowledgement of place will be explored, and the application of these approaches to early childhood contexts, schools, workplaces and social settings will be investigated.