Feminist Studies: Sex, Love, and Romance

Paper Instructions

Paper Topic:

In this course, we will critically analyze how sex, love and romance, often simply considered a “natural” part of our lives, are in fact socially constructed and politicized in numerous ways. How are sex, love and romance defined and structured? What do discourses surrounding sex, love and romance intersect with how we view gender, race, class, sexuality, and the family? What are the consequences of such discourses? What kinds of sex, love and romance are normalized or Othered? Throughout the course, we will develop tools to analyze cultural productions, narratives, images, and arguments about sex, love and romance through a feminist lens. In order to demonstrate understanding all students are expected to complete a final paper on a topic of their choosing relating to the course material.

Final paper should relate to theme/s or concept/s from the course. The topic choice is up to you.

Part 1: Proposal

In this 500-words proposal, you will outline your plan for your final project: topic, thesis, which sources from the course you plan to draw on, etc. You will also submit an annotated bibliography with a minimum of ten sources. For each annotation, in 3-4 sentences, you will explain the main argument of the piece, how it relates to your project, and why you are using it. These sources should be academic in nature and must be recent (nothing before 2004).

Part 2: Final Paper

While you will have some creative freedom in what you choose to write on, a significant portion of your course grade is a 2OOO words (approximately WHOLE 8 double-spaced pages, Time New Roman, 12-pitch font) research paper. It must directly relate to course concepts. Your paper must include an introduction, conclusion, minimum of ten in-text citations(7 sources from the readings in the course,and are asked for find and describe at least 3 external scholarly articles or texts.), a bibliography, a thesis statement, and evidence that advances your argument throughout the paper.

I will attach my course readings.

I will give you 6 days towrite the whole essay.

But you should give me a paper proposal in first two days.