Fichte and Determinism

Construct an essay (around 5-7 paragraphs) on one of these topics. Your aim in each case will be to prove that you are right with respect to the meaning of the material. This means you will need a thesis statement and then you will prove this claim.

Book one (vocation of man) gives an argument about determinism. It begins with certain assumptions about the way the world is causally ordered and ends with a bleak view of our lives and the meaning that we can find in them. Assess this argument. If you think that the starting premises are correct but the conclusion is not, show how you can have a coherent view with both determinism and freedom. If you think that the argument and conclusion of book one is correct, defend this against objections from the book and objections that you can think of.

Aim to make your thesis clear and persuasive to someone outside of this class. Think of an intelligent friend who may not have studied this material when explaining, and think of the same kind of person who has already studied this before when proving your claims.