Fundação Getúlio Vargas Changes in Judaism of the Second Tempe Era Paper

Please write one 5-6 page paper this quarter due Tuesday, June 9 at 6:00pm (PST). In this paper, each student will develop their own research question related to the Dead Sea Scrolls or Early Judaism, and will use both primary and secondary sources to develop their own thesis to answer this research question.


Great Isaiah Scroll 1 Enoch Jubilees Tobit Targum? Pesher Habakkuk (1QpHab) Copper Scroll Community Rule (1QS) Damascus Document (CD; 4Q265-73; 5Q12; 6Q15) 4QMMT (Miqsat Ma’ase Ha-Torah) Messianic Rule (1QSa) War Scroll (1QM) Temple Scroll (11QT) 4QMishmarot (Calendars of the Priestly Courses) Astrological Texts (4Q318) 4QFlorilegium (4Q174) The Versions of the Book of Jeremiah “Proto-Danielic Traditions” Genesis Apocryphon Aramaic Testament of Levi 4Q550 (“Proto-Esther”) Psalms at Qumran Writings of Josephus Writings of Pliny the Elder Writings of Philo New Testament Glykon Inscription Moschos Inscription The Mishnah The Talmud

You may use external sources please use a mix of primary and secondary sources and just cite them 🙂

Primary is from the time that is being discussed like first hand documents or sources and secondary is when it is written about the time but not during the time

can all be found online

and i will attach some additional documents that may guide you but in essence you are coming up with the research question so it will allow you to choose what you want to answer and which sources you want to use

You can use the internet to get additional sources.