Geography Rayners Post Response

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1) After reading the chapter, what misconceptions about Africa did you have?
Before reading this chapter, I thought that Africa is still an economically backward country compared to many other countries. In many people’s impressions, Africa is a region with many tribes and many black skin races. In fact, Africa is a continent with 54 independent countries. Each country has its own currency, national flag, history, food, music, and language. Therefore, Africa is not just war, disease, poverty, but also diverse, rich, and energetic. It is a rich and colorful continent. At the beginning of this chapter says that much of Africa is booming, such as there are 7 of the world’s 10 fastest-growing economies are in Africa now.

2) Rapid economic growth currently occurring in Africa is unsustainable. What are its greatest costs (i.e. who or what is being permanently lost)?
Although Africa’s economy is developing rapidly, it’s social and economic sustainable development still faces many problems, mainly including population growth, food shortage, and environmental problems such as soil erosion and land desertification. Africa is the continent with the highest natural population growth rate. The rapid population growth has caused an extreme shortage of food. In order to meet food needs and constantly destroy the environment for survival. Therefore, the serious problem is the population growth problem, which is the root cause of food and environmental problems.