Grand Canyon University Week 3 Break Time Procedures Paper

In unit 2, you created rules and consequences. Your rules focused on general expectations for behavior such as be respectful and be prepared. These are behaviors you may see a student exhibiting in the classroom, but they are not truly “Actions.”

Procedures on the other hand are “Actions.” For this assignment, you should thing of 10 or more situations that you students will encounter while at school. Then think of the step by step “Actions” you want them to do to complete those situations. These are “Actions” you can practice daily or when the situations arises.

The format for this will look a bit different, and I will award points based as such.

For this assignment you will need: Complete Cover Page in APA formatPlace your title on the first page of text (Centered and not in bold)Following your title, you will have an introductory paragraph. Be sure to use support from your text/scripture. Why are procedures important? How do they help create a learning environment conducive to education?Place your situation in Bold as a level 1 heading for example Morning Procedures. Level 1 headings are bold and centered. Underneath your heading (not in bold and not centered) you will list in bullet points the short, action statements for your students to follow. Once you have listed all 10 situations and action steps, finish you paper with a conclusion paragraph with support.Do not forget your reference page.

WOW! Did I just make a procedure for you in regards to the situation of completing this assignment. I think I did.

Below is an example of 1. You will need 10 or more.

Morning ProceduresEnter the room quietlyTake your needed materials from your backpack and place them on your deskHang your backpack and jacket in your cubbiePlace your lunchbox in your assigned spotSharpen your pencilTurn in your homework to you assigned binSit in your assigned seatBegin the bellwork assignment on the board

Notice how each step begins with an “Action.” I can see the students carrying out this process to complete the given situation. Now, think of 10 situations like the one above and complete this process for each