GSJ201 Full Pepsi Commercial Starring Kendal Jenner Video Analysis Essay

I need an expert writer with excellent English skills. Kindly follow all instructions keenly and carefully

Attached are links and all instructions. The paper should be 8 to 9 pages in total. 2 pages for each short answer, 4 to 5 pages for long answer.

This assignment is worth a lot of marks. So please do a very nice job and make sure all sites are cited correctly. And if you have any questions about the short and long answers i will be here to answer them since we have to be on the same page.

For the first short answer you have to compare the clip , and choose a clip of your own. Try putting your own thoughts into the paper as well for both short and long answers.

I need top notch work. no plagiarism no grammar errors. Quality and excellent English is key

Clip for Short answer 1.:

Short answer 2: link for Angela Mcrobbie reading: